Happy Boofheads

Some Boofheads Users Stories

At Boofheads our customers are our best marketing tool. Happy Boofheads is all about the stories of our customers who have used our products. There are some really interesting stories that we will bring you that might help in the way you use our products

"Boofheads conditioner is great mum and it smells good too"

Francesca – age 10

"there were no more tears, no more tangles, congratulations Boofheads"

Katy - mum of 3 girls

"…your products are fabulous, I love how they smell and they have really improved our bath time experience. My 2 year old daughter no longer cries when I wash her hair but more importantly the little bit of red and dry skin that’s been persistent on her cheek is clearing up."


"I love to kiss the kids goodnight after washing with Boofheads, they just smell so good"

Mum of 6 year old twins

"My 16 year old daughter says her hair is much silkier since using Boofheads and her eczema has eased"

Jenny - mum of 3

"It’s great, all those other shampoos strip the oils and leave my hair all fluffy. Can I be your UK distributor! "

Algy – aged 78

"This is the best quality, best smelling, best result giving product I have EVER used on my children’s hair. Washing my 6 y/o and 2 y/o daughters hair has been enough to push me into a corner in the fetal position sucking my thumb!!!! Things are now much more relaxed, and their hair is beautiful."


"I can’t believe it Bo has done her own hair this morning – without screaming. Where do I get this detangler? I want gallons!.

Lorna – mum of 9 year old Bo

"The peppermint in the swimmers shampoo also clears the sinus, great for hayfever season"

Kristine – Hairys House

"My scalp has been much better since using Boofheads and it smells good too, in fact it’s Boofalicious!"

Henry – hairdresser

"We think you should call it a family shampoo because we all love it, even Grandma"

Juliet – mum of 3

"It’s pared down, simple - you’ve nailed it!"

Philip – Petra Hair Care

"Not only does it make my three children smell beautiful and fresh but we have the best smelling dog around – her coat has never looked so good."

Andrea – mum of 3 children and 1 dog

"The kids love having their own fun product and actually want to use it!"

Fee – mum of Max and Grace

"My son was ecstatic when I got home, he loves your product and says he needs to wear his best clothes tomorrow so he can put gel in his hair!!!"

Anna – mum of a stylish 2 year old.