Frequently Asked Questions

"Are Boofhead products made from natural ingredients?"

Boofheads products are made from ingredients which we consider to be the safest and gentlest on sensitive skin. Our products contain natural ingredients and essential oils. We use no artificial fragrances or colours.

"My child has a flaky scalp is there anything I can do?"

Boofheads shampoo has a very mild, yet effective, cleansing agent which does not strip all the natural oils from the scalp. Also ensure your child rinses their hair thoroughly when washing and conditioning.

"…my child has very sensitive skin."

As Boofheads is made with high quality natural ingredients, no artificial colours or fragrances, it is gentle on young skin.

"Brushing out the knots always turns into a screaming disaster, is there a product that can help."

Boofheads Detangler is a leave in spray conditioner which makes brushing and combing much easier.

"Children's products are usually sickly sweet smelling, is there an alternative?"

Boofheads uses essential oils for the aroma which gives a natural fresh fragrance and also has calming effects.

"…By the end of summer my child’s fair hair is green from all the swimming in chlorine, is there a remedy for this?"

Boofheads Swimmers Shampoo is specially formulated to counteract the chemical reaction that takes place causing green hair. Both the Swimmers Shampoo and Swimmers Conditioner contain moisturizers to revitalise and strengthen swimmers hair.

"…I’m looking for a product that is good quality and good value"

Boofheads product is made with high caliber ingredients, used in an effective amount and you don’t need to use much so a 300ml bottle lasts for ages.

"How do I use shampoo?"

Boofheads shampoo is concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot. Simply massage into the hair and scalp until a good lather appears. Rinse off with clean water making sure to remove all suds. For best cleansing results repeat this process. Follow with Boofheads conditioner.

"What is in shampoo?"

Boofheads shampoo contains no SLS or SLES so is gentle on the scalp, does not strip the natural oils and is great for sensitive skin. We use a mild cleansing agent which means the product lathers and cleans. Pure essential oils give a fresh clean aroma.

"How do I use conditioner?"

After washing with Boofheads Shampoo massage conditioner into the hair and scalp. For best results leave for 1 minute before rinsing.

"What is in the conditioner?"

Boofheads conditioner contains natural moisturising agents that deeply condition the hair making it easy to brush out knots. Pure essential oils give a fresh clean aroma.

"How do I use detangler?"

Boofheads detangler may be used on wet or dry hair. Simply spay on and leave in.

"What is in detangler?"

Boofheads detangler truly makes combing, brushing and styling easier and won’t cause an oily build up. Our detangler has conditioning agents and protein to build healthy strong hair.