About Boofheads

Boofheads Haircare was launched in 2005. As a stay at home mum of three small children I decided that starting my own business was the best option for flexibility with a very busy husband who travelled with his company.

After a lengthy discussion with my children’s hairdresser I decided there was a niche in the market for good quality kids hair product. I disliked the products on the market that smelled of strawberry, chocolate or other sickly sweet fragrances. I thought a product that appealed to children with fun packaging but also appealed to the parents was worth investigating.

At the time one of my brothers was manufacturing cosmetics in Melbourne concentrating on natural products. My other brother has a printing business with a talented graphic designer.

I spent many hours with the chemist deciding on fragrances and ingredients.  The end products have no artificial colours or fragrances. Where possible natural, plant derived ingredients are used. One major decision was whether to use a sulfate as the cleansing agent. As kids tend to get all sorts of interesting things in their hair I decided to use a gentle sulfate, TEA lauryl sulfate. This is plant derived and a very gentle cleanser, it cleans without stripping the natural oils from the scalp.

The Boofheads range now consists of

  • Shampoo – perfect for general use for the whole family
  • Conditioner – Deeply moisturises and conditions
  • Swimmers Shampoo – stops fair hair turning green with chlorine
  • Swimmers Conditioner – conditions hair which has been exposed to harsh chemicals
  • Detangler – leave in conditioner which helps stop hair brushing tantrums

I am proud of my product and have used nothing else in my house for the 14 years since my first approved sample.