Boofheads 300ml Shampoo

Boofheads 300ml Shampoo

  • $16.95

It's amazing how much gunk finds its way into childrens hair. Boofheads has developed an effective shampoo that is gentle on the scalp and cleans hair without removing all the natural oils.

How to use Boofheads Shampoo

Boofheads Shampoo is concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot. Simply massage into the hair and scalp until a good lather appears. Rinse off with clean water making sure to remove all suds. For best cleansing results repeat this process. Follow with Boofheads Conditioner.

Important Information

Boofheads shampoo contains no SLS or SLES so is gentle on the scalp, does not remove the natural oils and is great for sensitive skin. We use a mild cleansing agent which means the product lathers and cleans. Pure essential oils give a fresh clean aroma.